Change Advisors is dedicated to providing new opportunities and ideas to businesses and organizations.


We collaborate with new ventures, small businesses and social enterprises.

Change Advisors diagram highlighting the different capabilities we provide in launching new ventures, accelerating growth, aligning mission and operations as well as designing new products and business models and building cloud, web and mobile solutions.Continue

We have extensive experience & expertise across industries that are facing business innovation and technological change.

Change Advisors diagram highlighting our industry experience in healthcare, education, food and retail and expertise in cloud, web and mobile.

We also partner with other leading firms to create value, accelerate growth and strengthen infrastructure for our clients.


Identity & Design

Manoverboard is a North American leader in rebranding, strategy and web design with a focus on cause-related marketing and specialty retail.

Casablanca Ventures

Payment Inteligence

Casablanca Ventures advises businesses on payment processing solutions, strategies for reducing receivables and improving operations.

Our technology solutions are built on
open-source technologies and leading platforms.


We believe in…

Disruptive Innovation

Create innovations that allow new populations of consumers to access products or services previously out of reach.

Data Visualization

Communicate with visual representations of data to effectively convey information more clearly and effectively.

Cloud Computing

Develop scalable distributed applications that can be affordably maintained and priced for widespread adoption.


Build and support efficient small businesses that can achieve financially sustainability with minimal investment capital.

Lean Startups

Launch businesses with an approach based on learning, experimentation, iterative development and customer feedback.


We collaborate to envision new products and solutions for businesses & social enterprises.

City of SleepLaunching Winter 2012

AdvantageousLaunching Spring 2013

MakeStronger.meLaunching Spring 2013


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